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Il est très simple: on ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur.

Smemily! (suh-mem-ill-ee-!)
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i got that boom boom boom.

•i'm the resident double re-cracker, karen walker, eponine, switzerland and pillow.
•i'm majoring in psychology and linguistics at the moment but that is subject to change.
•i'm also very interested in english, history, fashion, and music.
•i'm interested in other stuff too.
•i play guitar and drums.
•i live in toronto.
•yes, that's in canada.
•i chose this profile layout because the girl in the picture looks sort of like me.
•my life is like a giant never-ending sleepover, with all of my friends just a few doors down the hall.
•my favorite thing in the world is bromance.
•i speak enough french to have it as a check mark on my "cool characteristics" list.
•i like the feeling of being out in freezing weather but being so bundled up that i am completely warm.
•one of my life's goals is for people to look at me and say "she came from the city"
•i really came from a wee farming town in the ottawa valley, and i'm not ashamed of it, i just love the city.

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